What is GLNumber

GLNumber enables customers to acquire unique phone numbers in the countries of their choice to which all their calls can be forwarded to wherever they are in the world. GLNumber Direct Inward Dialing (DID) service can give the customer a global presence by allowing them to have a local number in a variety of different international locations simultaneously and/or a toll-free number for Canada and USA!

How it works

GLNumber provides individuals or companies a unique phone number that is completely unassociated with any physical land line, programmed to ring to a specified destination number anywhere in the world. Every time the local number or toll-free is dialed, it automatically rings to a chosen destination number – which can be a landline, office line, or mobile phone number anywhere in the world.

In certain countries, DID services are not available. We offer the PINCall option as a reliable alternative. This option allows the subscriber to obtain an access number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) that can be assigned by the customer to ring a designated destination,.

GLNumber provides subscribers a complete one-stop solution from start to finish. This includes online account management, troubleshooting services, call history, and back-end technical infrastructure - no need to outsource to other companies.


  • For Individuals
  • The GLNumber service is ideal for individuals who wish to keep in touch with friends and family in other countries. Your friends and family will dial a local phone number or Canada/USA toll-free that will ring to your chosen destination number. They will only be charged for the local phone call, (no charge to caller for toll-free numbers).
  • For Businesses
  • With GLNumber your business can acquire local phone numbers in one or more countries around the world or a Canada/USA toll-free number. This allows companies to keep in contact with their employees, partners, associates, and consumers on a global scale. Having local phone numbers in multiple countries gives your business a global presence, as well as convenience to all of your contacts.

GLNumber at a glance

  • No contracts / No hidden fees
  • Friends, family and business partners call you on a local number
  • Competitive long distance rates
  • Phone numbers available in many countries worldwide
  • 24/7 Customer Support available in multiple languages
  • Canada / USA toll-free phone numbers

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