As a GL Team member, you would be joining a group of almost 300 full and part time employees, in our worldwide offices. Look for job postings or apply directly with your resume, and tell us how you would like to work with us.

Contact us, we would love to explore these options with you!

Meet our Executive Team!

Ata Moeini
Founding President & CEO

Neda Moeini
Founding President of GL & Borani Global Education

Anissa Moeini
Executive Board Member

Borna Moeini
President, GLParking Inc.

Mana Shafai
VP, Product Development

Ellie Basile
VP, Carrier Services

Shala Yazdani
Chief Financial Officer

Shawn Reyhani
VP, Operations

Vivian Clarke
Chief Technical Officer

Frank Mosleh
VP, Sales & Marketing

Essie Nouraee
VP, VoIP Technology

Arash Bafekr
VP, Web TV Development

Payman Safaverdi
VP, Solution Development

Mehrdad Hassanian
IT Network Manager

Juan Hincapie
IT Project Manager

Alexei Tretiakov
Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Manager