How it all started…

 In 1989, Ata and Neda Moeini immigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Now, thousands of miles from their homeland, they needed a way to connect with their loved ones. Back then, international calls were expensive, but a much needed source of comfort.The Moeinis quickly realised that they are a part of a greater market of newcomers needing to connect home, so in 1991, they launched Gold Line Telemanagement Inc. to fill this void in the most practical and cost-effective way.

Gold Line’s first big success was the pre-paid long distance calling card. Fully designed with the newcomer in mind, Gold Line's calling card slashed prices by up to 90% in some cases, revolutionising the way the market would connect home. Not long after, Gold Line took its place as the country’s largest provider of long distance products and services, netting 70% of the market, issuing over 300 million long distance minutes every month.

Gold Line Telemanagement Inc. expanded to a group of companies under the name GL Group of Gold Line (GL) where the Moeinis continued to look for opportunities to meet their market's desire to connect home in more innovative ways. By the early 2000’s, GL broadened its business to provide Telephony, WebTV, Web2Print and Business Solutions. It also expanded from telecommunications to the technology industry, and went from the Canadian to the global market.

GL has made itself one of the world’s most innovative technology companies, with cutting edge products such as mobile apps, data storage devices, business solutions, as well as retail. GLWiZ is one of GL’s most notable achievements – the strongest online streaming engine in the world, offering multicultural television packages, in almost every language.

Ata and Neda Moeini’s dream has become a reality. Today, Gold Line is an ever-evolving force that continues to bring “home” closer, wherever you are in the world.


Check out our timeline to see how we grew!

  • 1991
    – Gold Line Telemanagement Inc. is created.
  • 1994
    – GL signs agreement to resell “call-back” telephony services worldwide.
    – GL establishes agents in Europe and South America.
  • 1997
    – GL purchases telephony switch.
    – CiCi is launched.
    – Card Express Printing Inc begins in-house manufacturing.
  • 1998
    – GL expands its offices.
    – TeleResolve Inc is launched.
  • 1999
    – GL acquires new telephony switch.
  • – GL Soccer Club is created.
  • 2000
    – DCall and iDCaller are launched.
    – Siemens EWSD Carrier Class switch is purchased.
  • 2001
    – Group of Gold Line is established.
  • 2004
    – GL becomes the leading provider of prepaid long distance services in Canada.
    – GL acquires North York location.
    – GL signs a contract with Telus to print and distribute products in Canada.
  • 2005
    – GL signs a contract with Western Union.
    – GL purchases and installs Sonus Class 4/5 NGN IP Switch.
    – GLPhone is launched.
  • 2006
    – GL signs contracts with Shaw Cable (Canada) and TV Cable (Ecuador) to provide worldwide long distance services through GL VoIP network.
    – GLPrint and GLTradePrint are launched.
  • 2007
    – GL signs a contract with Cogeco Cable to provide long distance services through GL’s VoIP network
    – GLMobility is launched.
    – GLWiZ begins WebTV broadcasting for the Iranian, Afghan, Tajik, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Assyrian and Kurdish worldwide communities.
    – Totrix is established.
  • 2008
    – GL PinBank launched.
  • 2009
    – GLNumber is launched.
  • 2010
    – GL signs contract with Public Mobile.
  • 2011
    – GL2GO is launched.
    – GLWiZ ARABIC package is introduced.
    – GLWiZ Smartphone App for iPhone®, iPad®, iPodTouch® and Android™ is launched.
    – GLSIP and GLVoiceTrade are launched.
    – First GLStore is opened.
    – GL moves to Markham.
  • Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
  • 2012
    – GLHomeLink is launched.
    – GLPrepaid Visa® is launched.
  • 2013
    – GLWiZ App for Samsung SmartTV is launched.
    – GL2Cloud is launched.
    – GLCyberBooth is launched.
  • 2014
    – GLWiZ CANADA package is introduced.
    – GLWiZ PORTUGUESE package is introduced.
    – GLPrepaid Mastercard® is launched.
    – GL is nominated for the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
  • 2015
    - TeleResolve signs contract with Carta Worldwide.
    - GLWiZ Chinese is launched.
    - GLWiFi is launched.
    - GLSiP signs contract with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.
    - GLSiP signs contract with Saint Elizabeth Health Care.
  • 2016
    - GLAdExchange is launched.
    - GLWiZ App is launched.
    - GLElite is launched.