Company Mission Statement

Using innovative technologies to erase borders and bring people together.

GL is committed to continuously improving our technologies to enhance customer experience. We do this by making it cheaper and easier for our customers to come together.

A more united world

Using innovative technological solutions, GL brings people closer to their loved ones abroad. In a world where families and friends are far away from one another, and global businesses need easy, cost effective solutions to reach their international suppliers and agents, GL strives to bridge the communication gap through cutting-edge technologies.

Purposeful - Progressive - Entrepreneurial - Global - Diverse - Accountable

Purposeful - Every product and service that we produce is intended to empower people and facilitate personal and professional connections, throughout the world. We encourage community interaction and feedback on our blog, social media, or via direct contact.

Progressive - We do not follow, we lead. That is how we have established a business model that allows people, all over the world, to take advantage of work opportunities using the GL suite of products and services. We provide the tools and resources, and our agents build their business in their community.

Entrepreneurial - Our team is made up of people who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, determined to constantly think outside of the box and come up with new, exciting products, services and solutions. Given this, we are committed to research, develop and deliver the most cutting edge and dependable products and services.

Global - At GL we consider ourselves to be a part of the global community. At the heart of our products and services is the goal of facilitating meaningful communication and enabling borderless connectivity between people.

Diverse - Based in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, we are proud to employ a culturally diverse team, who bring with them insight that helps us better foresee and develop products and services, that authentically cater to the needs of the communities we serve.

Accountable - Excellence in products and services is the foundation of a successful initiative. Coupled with dedicated, knowledgeable, and most importantly, accessible (24/7) customer service, we hold ourselves, our products and our services accountable to the highest standards, in 7 languages.

Key facts

Diversity at GL

Group of Gold Line‘s mission is to connect the worldwide diaspora back home. Based in Toronto, one of the most diverse cities in the world - with over half of the population born outside of Canada, 140 different languages spoken and 30% of the population speaking a language other than English or French at

home – Group of GoldLine is inspired to create a multitude of worldwide products. The company itself is representative of this diversity. GL is committed to offering unsurpassable customer service, in different languages (over 7 languages offered 24/7) reflecting the diversity of our clients.

Group of Gold Line Companies

The Group of Gold Line (GL) is a Canadian company specializing in the research, development, marketing and worldwide distribution of telecommunication solutions and technology products - telephony, web to print digital printing, WebTV and educational technologies to name a few.

Founded in 1991, GL is today the largest provider of prepaid long distance products and services in North America. GL sells over 300 million minutes of long distance calling per month, and its products are distributed at approximately 100,000 points of sale, in over 50 countries across the world.

GL’s mission is to connect people around the world to what matters, and bring them closer to their family, business, culture and language through innovative, unique and competitive technology-based products and services.

Group of Gold Line is made up of 4 different companies, operating as separate entities but working together to fulfill the over arching mission.

GoldLine Telemanagement Inc.

Gold Line Telemanagement Inc. is the corporate identity for all of Group of Gold Line's products and services. Gold Line Telemanagement develops and implements the marketing programs and distribution for Canada's best-selling lineup of prepaid phone cards, long distance services and all other GL products. Currently, Gold Line Telemanagement services over 30,000 retail outlets across Canada including: Petro Canada, Canada Post, Shoppers Drugmart, 7-Eleven, Beckers and Mac’s and has mobilized over 500 GLAgents in over 50 countries around the world.

Card Express Printing Inc.

Card Express Printing Inc. designs and prints calling cards, merchandising materials, marketing items and print advertisements for Group of Gold Line and its affiliates.


Totrix employs engineers, product developers and IT professionals who are tasked with providing customized communications solutions for both businesses and the end user.

TeleResolve Inc.

Teleresolve is GL’s live customer service and technical support hotline. Information and help is provided in multiple languages year round, 24 hours per day.